Mapa antiguo siglo XVIII Borgoña Francia Merian


Mapa antiguo siglo XVII Borgoña BOURGOGNES Francia 1655

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Medidas totales: 39.3×32.2cm. Medidas huella: 36.3×26.9cm. LES DEUX BOURGOGNES Duché et Comté la BRESSE &c. la Souveraineté de DOMBES, le NIVERNOIS, &c

Mathaeus MERIAN was a Swiss engraver, he worked in Francfort (Germany). He is the father of the painter of flowers and insects Anna Maria Sybilla Merian.

His major work is «Topographia Germaniae», he began it in 1642, with the texts of Martin Zeiler (1589-1661), a German geographe. Topographiae Germaniae has been edited in 16 volumes, from 1642 to 1654.
After the death of Matthaeus Merian, his son Matthaeus Merian le Jeune continued the work of his father, and produced other volumes untill 1688, with other descriptions in Europe, as France «Topographiae Galliae», Italy, and Creete.
In total, Topographiae contains 92 maps and 1486 copper engraving plates with 2142 views of cities, castles, villages, monasters, divided in 30 volumes.