Grabado antiguo siglo XIX Cobra MArruecos Egipto Africa Jackson


Grabado antiguo siglo XIX Buskah Cobra Egipto Africa 1809

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Medidas totales: 21×25.9cm. Medidas huella: 13.3×14.3cm. Zoological study of the Egyptian cobra, Naja haje, here referred to as the ‘Buskah’. The snake shown is black in colour, coiled, and with a displayed hood. The reptile is native to regions of Northern and Central Africa.

Plate 6 from the book An account of the Empire of Marocco, and the district of Suse… by James Grey Jackson (London, W. Bulmer and Co., for the author, 1809).

The plate is inscribed above ‘Plate 6.’ Inscribed below: ‘The Buskah. Drawn by J.G. Jackson. Engraved by J.C. Stadler. London. Published March 1st 1809. by G. & W. Nicholl, Pall Mall.’

The accompanying text states that: ‘El Hensh is the generical name for a serpent…Of these there are various species in Barbary, but two only are extremely venomous; one is of a black colour, about seven or eight feet long, with a small head, which expands frequently to four times its ordinary size, when about to attack any object. This serpent is called Buska, and is the only one that will attack travellers…’